IAA Prize Winners

I was rather proud of my article, so I thought: why not see what others think of it!

At the General Meeting during the Rencontre in Ghent this year, not one but two prizes were awarded. Next to the De Gruyter Award, the IAA was proud to present it’s very own IAA Prize, which is given to two up-and-coming Assyriologists that had written the best article after the PhD. First-prize winner was Gabriella Spada (Italy) and Erik van Dongen (Finland) was the runner-up. Twelve papers had been submitted. Continue reading IAA Prize Winners

Maureen Kovacs Fund

This year, the IAA has been given a generous donation by Dr. Maureen Kovacs. The IAA is very grateful for this kind gift and wishes to thank Dr. Kovacs for her contribution.

Dr. Kovacs has expressed her wish that the donation be used for research purposes. At the General Meeting during the Rencontre in Ghent, the board suggested to set up a grant for (starting) Assyriologists in need of funding for their research. This proposal has been accepted by the IAA members present at the General Meeting. Continue reading Maureen Kovacs Fund

Save money on Rencontre entrance-fees and other information

Do not forget: the RAI 2013 is coming up! From July 15-19, you do not want to miss this opportunity to hear about the latest Assyriological findings and to catch up with old and new friends, so register online!

A word to the wise: those attending will be smart to sign up for an IAA-membership before registering for the Rencontre. IAA-membership only costs 20 euros or 10 euros for students, per year. Once you become an IAA-member, you will receive a 30 euro discount on your Rencontre-entrance fee, and students will see their bill deduced by 15 euros! Some easy math will tell you that you are able to earn money on this deal, so go to the IAA-website → IAA membership → how to join and sign up today! Continue reading Save money on Rencontre entrance-fees and other information

IAA Initiatives

The IAA is committed to help young Assyriologists all over the world to strengthen their potential in their chosen profession. For instance, there are currently two awards that you are eligible to win! With these awards come nice prizes in the form of grants and publications, so do not hesitate to send in your work! The prizes will be awarded during a special ceremony at the RAI 2013 in Ghent. Continue reading IAA Initiatives