The NINO archeological project on the Rania Plain

By Jesper Eidem (Director, NINO)

In September-October 2012 The Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) initiated a new archaeological project in the Kurdish Region of Iraq, focussed on the Rania Plain in Sulaimanyia Province. In a first instance the aim was to conduct new investigations at the site of Tell Shemshara, briefly excavated by Danish and Iraqi archaeologists in 1957-59. The site was subsequently inundated when the Dokan Dam was completed and was until recently inaccessible most of the year. The previous excavations retrieved important prehistoric evidence from the Hassuna period, and in a Level V palace two archives of cuneiform tablets from the early 18th cent. BC (published in J. Eidem, The Shemshara Archives 2. The Administrative Texts. Copenhagen 1992, and J. Eidem and J. Læssøe, The Shemshara Archives 1. The Letters. Copenhagen 2001). Continue reading The NINO archeological project on the Rania Plain