Reminder: Deadlines for the 2017 Rencontre

The Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale will take place in Marburg this year, from the 24th through the 28th of July. This will be the 63rd Rencontre, and the 10th to take place in Germany. The organizing committee seems very well prepared, having put out their second circular already in November.

The theme will be ‘Dealing with Antiquity’, and it is split into three themes: relating to the past in ancient times, today, and in the future. The first theme addresses such issues as tradition and cultural memory in Ancient Near Eastern societies, while the second theme explores the present status of cultural heritage in the Middle East. Finally, the third theme will take a look at the future of the discipline, including new technological advances and methodologies, such as digital humanities.

Remember that the deadlines for registering to the Rencontre will be coming up soon: members should register before April 1st to avoid additional fees. The deadline for abstracts has been extended to March 1st. The registration fee will be €100 for members of the IAA and €130 for non-members, with a 50% discount for students. Remember also that the IAA Fund offers €400 of support for early career scholars who are presenting at the Rencontre – the deadline for application is March 1st.

So far, the following workshops have been announced:

  • Prayers in the Ancient Near East: Form, Extra-linguistic Context and Intercultural Adaptation
  • How to tell a story – Theoretical approaches to Mesopotamian Literature
  • BabMed – Texts and Studies in Babylonian Medicine
  • Relations between Judeans in Babylonia and Jehud in Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid Time
  • Coping with and Preventing Collective Fear in the Ancient Near East:
  • Perspectives from Texts and Material Culture
  • Modern Approaches of Interpretation in Visual Arts
  • Sumerian and Akkadian Elements in Anatolian Cuneiform
  • Workshop on the Hattian Language: Problems, Trends and Perspectives for Future Research
  • New Archaeological and Epigraphic Research in Iraq
  • Heritage in Conflict: the situation in Iraq and Syria

Website of the 2017 Rencontre

First circular

Second circular

Workshop abstracts