IAA General Meeting

This year’s IAA General Meeting will take place on Thursday, July 14th at 04:30 in the afternoon. Because of important events happening in the Near East and within the IAA itself, it is important that members attend as there will be discussion on important issues and a couple of issues must be voted on. Also, the IAA will be saying goodbye to some of their board members and new board members will be welcomed.

The following issues will be discussed:

·         The composition of the Board: election of new board members

·         A new member of the Honorary Counsel will be elected

·         The will be a vote for a possible name change for the IAA

·         There will be a vote for a new Committee for the IAA Subsidies

 Because there will be some voting taking place, make sure you enter your proxy form if you are unable to attend and still want to cast your vote. If you do not have a proxy form, ask for one at the IAA registry desk at the Rencontre. 

The entire agenda for the meeting, which was sent to the IAA members in March of 2016:

Agenda for the annual General Meeting of the International Association for Assyriology to be held during the 62nd RAI in Philadelphia, U.S.A., July 14, 2016, 4:30 pm (venue to be announced).

1. Opening by the president

2. Report on the previous meeting (see http://iaassyriology.org/category/minutes/)

3. Report of the secretary

a) Membership

b) IAA Office

c) The website of the IAA/RAI

d) The Newsletter

4. Financial report over 2015:

a) Report of the treasurer

b) Recommendations by the controlling committee

c) Vote of acceptance and discharge of board and controlling committee

d) Payments of annual dues by IAA members

5. Composition of the Board:

a) Present composition (see the By-Laws and From the Board)

b) Resigning members and candidates

c) Election of new Board members

6. Prizes and subsidies:

a) IAA prize for the best article after the PhD

b) IAA Subsidies (A new committee will be chosen for the IAA Subsidies

c) IAA Fund for postdocs to attend Rencontres.

d) Proposal for an IAA PhD prize. Miscellaneous announcements

7. Changing the name of the IAA.

8. Honorary council

9. Proceedings of past Rencontres

10. Future Rencontres

11. New business

12. Closing the Meeting

N.B. For the underlined items on this agenda more information is provided on the IAA website (http://iaassyriology.org/).

Additional information:

5. Composition of the Board

There are presently four slots open for membership on the Board (for details about the Board, see the IAA website under “The Board”, at http://iaassyriology.org/the-board/). In the category “officers and appointed members” F. Abdallah and W. van Soldt step down, and both will not stand for re-election.

As every year, one seat needs to be filled in the category “president of an RAI organizing committee”. This year M. Sandowicz (RAI Warsaw) rotates off and she will be succeeded by R. Rollinger in his role as president of the organizing committee for the Innsbruck Rencontre, to be held in 2018.

Board member Jonathan Taylor, who represents the affiliated organisation BISI is stepping down, but he will stand for re-election. Other associations can apply for a seat on the Board, please go to our website for more information: http://iaassyriology.org/affiliate-policy/.

6a. IAA Prize

The interest for the IAA Prize was much more than last year. Seven young scholars submitted an article that they had handed in for publication within the last two years and no more than five years after completing his/her PhD dissertation. The committee consists of H. Baker, P. Delnero, D. Katz, and C. Suter.

6b. IAA Subsidies

There are two applications. A new committee will have to be elected this time.

6c. IAA Fund for PhDs

For this fund’s first year there are six applicants. The committee consists of J. Taylor, J. Mynarova, J. Crisostomo, and J. Jeffers.

7. Changing the name of the IAA

As specified on its website (http://iaassyriology.org/founding-of-the-iaa/) the IAA intends to serve as a platform for scholars working in Cuneiform Studies, and Near Eastern Archaeology. However, the word “Assyriology” is sometimes taken in a very restricted meaning. The IAA board would like to change the present name of the IAA in order to make archaeologists of Western Asia feel more at home in our association. The Board will make a proposal that can be discussed during the meeting.

8. Honorary Council

The IAA has received three applications for candidates of the Honorary Council. The Board will discuss the candidates in its meeting during the coming Rencontre.

Wilfred van Soldt

IAA Secretary

March 25, 2016