Membership Payment Information Online

In addition to the article on Membership Payment in this issue, the IAA Board has discussed options to make it easier for members to stay up-to-date with their membership payment. The IAA Office has found that many members who receive a payment reminder, are unaware that they are behind, or at least do not know exactly how far they are behind. Therefore, the Board has decided to make some changes to the IAA website.

On the page where you can now find the members-list, a fourth column will be added in addition to the already existing three containing name, initials and membership-number. The fourth column will state whether or not the member is active or in-active, and the year up to which they have paid their membership dues will be given. In that way, members can check themselves if they are required to pay their membership dues.

Whether a member is active or in-active, depends on whether or not they have paid their membership year for the current year. So, if a member has not paid by February of the new Calendar year, than they will be designated as in-active. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE MEMBERSHIP IS TERMINATED!

If a member has not paid their membership dues for more than two years, they will no longer be considered to be a member of the IAA. This will also be stated in the fourth column. Those members will receive notice of their termination, and if they wish they may re-instate their membership.

Remember that non-IAA members do not receive a discount on Rencontre entrance-fees or books sold at the Rencontre. The IAA will be very careful in 2016 to check whether or not Rencontre visitors are actual IAA-members, if they have stated to be so in order to receive a discount.