Membership Payment

During the General Meeting at the Rencontre in Geneva and Bern the issue of membership payment has been discussed. Although membership numbers have raised during the past couple of years, income out of membership payments has unfortunately declined. The reason for this is that members tend to forget to pay their membership dues for one or more years, even though a payment reminder is sent out once or twice a year (depending on how far behind the member is on their payment) and another reminder is published in Mār Šiprim.

The IAA would kindly but firmly like to ask all of its members to please try to pay their membership dues on time. If you have difficulty remembering, most banks have the option to automatically transfer money on fixed moments in time. The IAA membership dues should be paid at the beginning of each membership year, before February. Information on how to pay your membership dues, and how much, is stated below.

Membership Dues:
The membership dues are € 20,- per calendar year. Students with a valid student ID pay € 10,- per year. For this IAA members receive the following benefits:
• A discount of € 30,- (€ 15,- for students) on Rencontre entrance fees.
• A discount of around 5% on books bought during Rencontres and shortly after from participating publishers.
• A discount of 30% on all proceedings of the RAI published by Eisenbrauns.

Payment methods include:

SEPA Banktransfer (Single Euro Payment Area). Best for members living in the EU and countries that use Euro and SEPA.

International Association for Assyriology
IBAN: NL06ABNA0500125856
Stationsweg – Leiden – Netherlands

Please indicate the exact years you are paying for.

Paypal. Pay via your PayPal account, or directly with your CreditCard. Best for members living in other countries.
Visit the IAA website to find our link to our PayPal-donation site, or visit PayPal directly through this link.

Due to the high transfer costs we don’t accept checks.