New Website

As you might have seen, the IAA website has undergone a massive transformation. IAA President Cécile Michel had noticed that media has become more interested in the history of the Near East, as a result of the tragic circumstances there. This had led to a necessity to make the website more accessible for those who are not schooled in Assyriology.Schermafbeelding 2015-09-02 om 15.09.08

The new website now features a frontpage with only three options: What is Assyriology? – IAA And Rencontre – News and Current Events, from where you can choose what kind of information you need. Under the first option, ‘What is Assyriology?’, basic information about our field is given, but also guidelines for teaching. Also, the ‘recourses’ page has been moved to this section, containing information on jobs, PhDs, institutes, addresses, databases, etc. Under the second option ‘IAA and Rencontre’, you can now find information on the IAA, on membership, contests and, of course, the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale. The last option ‘News and Current Events’ is meant to provide information to all of those interested on the situation in the Near East. Media can use this page, but also others might want to take a look.

The new (and we hope improved) website has been discussed during the past Rencontre’s General Meeting, and we are still working on finishing up details. Although we have received some beautiful options, we are still looking for a panorama phote to use as a banner on the website’s front page. If you have any photo’s we might use for this purpose (because of creative rights, preferably from someone private collection), please do not hesitate to send them in!

Also, if you have any comments on the new website, we would appreciate to hear them!