IAA Website and Other Technical Information

As announced at the General Meeting of the last Rencontre, the IAA is working very hard to update their website. Though the old website was fine in the past, it has now become outdated. Also, the URL was difficult to remember and therefore the website was hard to find. We shall try to make the new website as modern and efficient as possible, using the same layout we currently use for the Mār Šiprim site.

At the moment, the website is coming along nicely. The frame has been created and we are now busy transferring all of the information from the old site to the new one.

The new website will be using a new server, which also comes with some advantages for the Mār Šiprim newsletter. We are aware of the fact that some of you cannot receive our emailed newsletter correctly. Thanks to the new server, we will be able to start using a different program for sending out the newsletter, which will hopefully resolve our technical problems.

We expect the website to go online at the beginning of 2014. Shortly we shall send you the new URL and look forward to your feedback.