The Winter 2017 Issue

Welcome to the latest issue of Mar Shiprim! As you can see, with this new issue comes also a totally new look for the website. We hope you like our new and more minimalist theme! The site is still new, so please let us know if you find any problems or links that are no longer working.

Our first piece this month are two statements from the IAA. The first regards the continuing crisis in the Middle East, and the IAA calls on its members and all parties involved to ‘respect the right to life of all citizens and to work to prevent, minimize and repair damage to the heritage of the region’. The second concerns the order restricting entry to the United States. The IAA Board ‘strongly calls for the immediate suspension of this executive order’, and ‘condemn the chilling impact that it will have on both the study of the affected countries and on their people.’

The spotlight falls on Chuo University, where Fumi Karahashi and her student Naomi Aiba tell us about their work and daily life in Tokyo, as well as the challenges facing the Humanities in Japan. ‘In Popular Culture’ features Sabina Franke, who organized a workshop on communicating knowledge about Assyriology to a wider audience.

Cinzia Pappi is ‘In the Field’ at Koya, and brings us news of her archeological survey there. We congratulate Abather Saadoon for completing his PhD at the University of Baghdad, on the subject of Old Akkadian agriculture at Tell al-Wilayah. And Tim Clayden tells us about his new database of archaeological images, the OAID.

This issue also covers two newly opened museum exhibitions on Mesopotamia. Ariane Thomas reports on the ‘History Begins in Mesopotamia’ exhibition at the Louvre Lens, while Director of Basrah Antiquities and Heritage Qahtan Al-abeed tells of the new museum in Basrah.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2017, not least the 63rd RAI, which will be held in July at the University of Marburg with the theme ‘Dealing with Antiquity: Past, Present & Future’. At the Rencontre, we will also reveal the winners of the IAA Prize and the IAA’s other funds – so remember to submit your application!

Yet the new year also brings new changes. At the 2017 Rencontre the proposal to rename the IAA will be discussed. Head over to our post to see the motivation for this proposal, and participate in the consultation discussion – even if you cannot make it to Marburg, you can still make your voice heard! Remember also that you can vote by proxy, if you are unable to vote in person at the General Meeting.

Finally, the issue brings you an updated list of books published in the fields of Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archeology since September.

As always, all suggestions for improvement and any content that you would like us to put on Mar Shiprim is more than welcome! If you have happy news to share or if you would like your university to be featured in the spotlight, let us know. Also, if you’ve found something missing or broken on the site, just send us a note.