Recent publications: Fall 2016

Culled from the Agade mailing list for your convenience, here is a list of publications in the fields of Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archeology so far in the Autumn of 2016.

Please do write to us if we have overlooked a publication, or if anything should be added to the list!

Abrahami, P. and Wolff, C. (eds.)

Kakkēka rukusma (« Ceins tes armes ! »). 2e Rencontre d’Histoire militaire du Proche-Orient ancien.

HIMA 3, Klincksieck.


Adulhab, S.

The Epic of Gilgamesh: Selected Readings from its Original Early Arabic Language : Including a New Translation of the Flood Story.

Blautopf Publishing.


Ayali-Darshan, N.

Treading on the Back of the Sea: The Combat between the Storm-god and the Sea in Ancient Near Eastern Literature.

Biblical Encyclopedia Library 33,  Bialik Institute


Balke, T.E. and Tsouparopoulou, C. (eds.)

Materiality of Writing in Early Mesopotamia

Materiale Textkulturen 13, De Gruyter.


Bottéro, J., illustrated by Catharina van Eetvelde


Van Dieren Éditeur


Cancik-Kirschbaum, E. and Hess, C. (with Petrow, K.)

Toponyme der mittelassyrischen Texte: Der Westen des mittelassyrischen Reiches



De Martino, S.

Da Kussara a Karkemish. Storia del regno ittita.

Laboratorio di Vicino Oriente 1, Logisma.


Dietrich, J.

Der Tod von eigener Hand. Studien zum Suizid im Alten Testament, Alten Ägypten und Alten Orient.

Orientalische Religionen in der Antike 19, Mohr Siebeck.


Drewnowska, O. and Sandowicz, M. (eds.)

Fortune and Misfortune in the Ancient Near East. Proceedings of the 60th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale Warsaw, 21–25 July 2014.

CRRAI 60, Eisenbrauns.


Droß-Krüpe, K. & Nosch, M.-L. (eds.)
Textiles, Trade and Theories. From the Ancient Near East to the Mediterranean

KEF 2, Ugarit-verlag.


Erkut, S. and Sir Gavaz, Ö. (eds.)

Studies in Honour of Ahmet Ünal Armağanı.

Arkeoloji Sanat Yayınları.


Fink, C.

Fundorte und Karten



Foster, B.R.

Age of Agade: Inventing Empire in Ancient Mesopotamia.



Goddeeris, A.

The Old Babylonian Legal and Administrative Texts in the Hilprecht Collection Jena

TMH NF 10, Harrasowitz.


Hellmuth Kramberger, A.

Die Pfeilspitzen aus Tall Šēh Hamad/Dūr-Katlimmu von der mittelassyrischen bis zur parthisch-römischen Zeit in ihrem westasiatischen und eurasischen Kontext.

Berichte der Ausgrabung Tall Šēḫ Ḥamad/Dūr-Katlimmu 22, Harrasowitz Verlag.


Iamoni, M. (ed.)

Trajectories of Complexity. Socio-economic Dynamics in Upper Mesopotamia in the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Periods.

Studia Chaburensia 6, Harrasowitz Verlag.


Karlsson, M.

Relations of Power in Early Neo-Assyrian State Ideology.

SANER 10, DeGruyter.


Kessler, R., Sommerfeld, W. and Tramontini, L. (eds.)

State Formation and State Decline in the Near and Middle East

Harrasowitz Verlag.


Lawson Younger Jr., K.

A Political History of the Arameans: From Their Origins to the End of Their Polities.

Archaeology and Biblical Studies 13, SBL Press.


Matoïan, V. and Al-Maqdissi. M. (eds.)

Études ougaritiques IV.

Ras Shamra – Ougarit 24, Peeters Publishers.


Milevski, I. and Levy, T.E. (eds.)

Framing Archaeology in the Near East. The Application of Social Theory to Fieldwork



Notizia, P. and Visicato, G.

Early Dynastic and Early Sargonic Administrative Texts Mainly from the Umma Region In The Cornell University Cuneiform Collections.

CUSAS 33, CDL Press.


Nowicki, S. (ed.)
They Called Me to Destroy the Wicked and the Evil”. Selected Essays on Crime and Punishment in Antiquityn

KEF 1, Ugarit-Verlag.


Patrier, J., Quenet, P. and Butterlin, P. (eds.)

Mille et une empreintes. Un Alsacien en Orient. Mélanges en l’honneur du 65e anniversaire de Dominique Beyer.

Subartu 36, Brepols.


Perello, B. and Terru, A. (eds.)

Parcours d’Orient. Recueil de textes offert à Christine Kepinski.



Rousset, M.-O., Geyer, B., Gatier, P.-L. and Awad, N.

Prospections dans les Marges Arides de la Syrie du Nord.

Conquête de la Steppe 4, Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée,


Saporetti, C. and Matini, G.

Antroponimi medio-assiri.

Centro Studi Diyala.


Shibata, D. and Yamada, S. (eds.)

Cultures and Societies in the Middle Euphrates and Habur Areas in the Second Millennium BC – I.

Studia Chaburensia 5, Harrasowitz Verlag.


Streck, M. (ed.)

Reallexikon der Assyriologie und Vorderasiatischen Archäologie. Vol. 15/1-2 Waschung – Yutiya.

De Gruyter.


Svärd, S. and Rollinger, R. (eds.)

Cross-Cultural Studies in Near Eastern History and Literature.

IHAMNE 2, Ugarit-Verlag.


Thuesen, I. (ed.)

Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 22-26 May 2000, Copenhagen. 2 volumes.

OrientLab Special Issue. Jointly published by the Department of History and Cultures, University of Bologna and Eisenbrauns.


Tischler, R., translated by S. Vanséveren

Vocabulaire hittite, y compris louvite, palaïte, akkadien et sumérien.

Lettres Orientales et Classiques 20, Peeters Publishers.


Viano, M.

The Reception of Sumerian Literature in the Western Periphery.

Studi orientali 4, Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina.


Volk, K. (ed.)

Erzählungen aus dem Land Sumer.



Wallenfels, R.

Hellenistic Seal Impressions in the Yale Babylonian Collection.

Catalogue of the Babylonian Collections at Yale 5, CDL Press.


Warburton, D.

The Fundamentals of Economics: Lessons from the Bronze Age Near East.

CPOH 3, Disdocs.


Wasserman, N.

Akkadian Love Literature of the Third and Second Millennium BCE.

Leipziger Altorientalistische Studien 4, Harrassowitz.


Yoder, T. R.

Fishers of Fish and Fishers of Men. Fishing Imagery in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East Explorations in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations.

EANEC 4, Eisenbrauns.


Ziegler, N. and Langlois, A.-I. (with Patrier, J. and Jacquet, A.)

Les toponymes paléo-babyloniens de la Haute-Mésopotamie