Recent Publications 2013-2014

A list of recent Assyriological publications.


Aruz, J., Graff, S.B., & Rakic, Y. (eds)
Cultures in Contact: From Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean in the Second Millennium B.C., The Metropolitan Museum of Art Symposia, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2013.

Aslıhan Yener, K. (ed)
Across the Border: Late Bronze-Iron Age Relations Between Syria and Anatolia: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Research Center of Anatolian Studies, Koc University, Istanbul, May 31-June 1, 2010, Peeters, Leuven, 2013.

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Beuger, C.
Die Keramik der Älteren Ischtar-Tempel in Assur: Von der zweiten Hälfte des 3. bis zur Mitte des 2. Jahrtausends v. Chr., Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2013.

Broekema, H.
Inanna, heerseres van hemel en aarde. Geschiedenis van een Sumerische godin. Leeuwarden, 2013.

Cogan, M.
Bound for Exile: Israelites and Judeans Under Imperial Yoke, Documents from Assyria and Babylonia, Carta, Jerusalem, 2013.

Crüsemann, N., van Ess, M., Hilgert, M., & Salje, B. (eds)
Uruk: 5000 Jahre Megacity: Begleitband zur Ausstellung “Uruk–5000 Jahre Megacity” im Pergamonmuseum–Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, in den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, Michael Imhof Verlag, Petersburg, Germany, 2013.

Curtis, J.
An Examination of Late Assyrian Metalwork: with special reference to Nimrud, Oxbow Books, Oxford, 2013.

Emerit, S. (ed.)
Le Statut du Musicien dans la Méditerranée Ancienne. Égypte, Mésopotamie, Grèce, Rome. Actes de la table ronde internationale tenue à Lyon Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée (université Lumière Lyon 2) les 4 et 5 juillet 2008, Lyon. Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Cairo.

Englehardt, J. (ed.)
Agency in Ancient Writing, University Press of Colorado, Boulder, 2013.

Feliu, L., Llop, J., Millet Albà, A. & Sanmartín, J. (eds)
Time and History in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the 56th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale at Barcelona, 26-30 July 2010, Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana, 2013.

Frame, G.
The Archive of Mušēzib-Marduk. Son of Kiribtu and Descendant of Sîn-na:s,ir. A Landowner and Property Developer at Uruk in the Seventh Century BC. Babylonische Archive 5, Islet, Dresden, 2013.

Goldenberg, G.
Further Studies in Semitic Linguistics. Alter Orient und Altes Testament 405. Ugarit-Verlag, Münster, 2013.

González Salazar, J.M.
Rituales Hititas: Entre la magia y el culto, Akal, Madrid, 2013.

Gordon, R.P. & Barstad, H.M. (eds)
“Thus Speaks Ishtar of Arbela” Prophecy in Israel, Assyria, and Egypt in the Neo-Assyrian Period. Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake.

Groddek, D.
Hethitische Texte in Transkription KBo 49. Dresdner Beiträge zur Hethitologie 40, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2013.

Güterbock, H.G., Hoffner, H.A. & van den Hout, T.P.J.
The Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago: Volume Š, Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Chicago, 2013.

Harmanşah, Ö.
Cities and the Shaping of Memory in the Ancient Near East, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013.

Haubold, J.
Greece and Mesopotamia: Dialogues in Literature, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013.

Mayer, W.
Assyrien und Urartu I: Der Achte Feldzug Sargons II. im Jahr 714 v. Chr., Ugarit-Verlag, Münster, 2013.

Haubold, J., Lanfranchi, G.B., Rollinger, R., & Steele, J. (eds)
The World of Berossos: Proceedings of the 4th International Colloquium on “The Ancient Near East between Classical and Ancient Oriental Traditions”, Hatfield College, Durham 7th – 9th July 2010, Classica et Orientalia 5, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2013.

Hill, J.A., Jones, P. and Morales, A.J. (eds)
Experiencing Power, Generating Authority: Cosmos, Politics, and the Ideology of Kingship in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, 2013.

Holmstedt, R. & Schade, A. (eds)
Linguistic Studies in Phoenician: In Memory of J. Brian Peckham, Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana, 2013.

Kaniuth, K., Löhnert, A., Miller, J.L., Otto, A., Roaf, M., & Sallaberger, W. (eds)
Tempel im Alten Orient: 7. Internationales Colloquium der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft, 11.-13. Oktober 2009, München, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2013.

Karlsson, M.
Early Neo-Assyrian State Ideology. Relations of Power in the Inscriptions and Iconography of Ashurnasirpal II (883-859) and Shalmaneser III (858-824). Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala, 2013.

Kawami, T.S. and Olbrantz, J.
Breath of Heaven, Breath of Earth: Ancient Near Eastern Art from American Collections Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, 2013.

Llewellyn-Jones, L.
King and Court in Ancient Persia 559 to 331 BCE, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2013.

Loretz, O., Ribichini, S., Watson, W.G.E., & Zamora, J.A. (eds)
Ritual, Religion and Reason: Studies in the Ancient World in Honour of Paolo Xella, AOAT 404, Ugarit-Verlag, Münster, 2013.

Lorenz, J. & Rieken, E.
Texte aus dem Bezirk des Großen Tempels XIX, Gebr. Mann Verlag, Berlin, 2013.

de Martino, S. & Miller, J.L. (eds)
New Results and New Question on the Reign of Suppiluliuma I, LoGisma, Firenze, 2013.

Matthiae, P. (ed. by Pinnock, F.)
Studies on the Archaeology of Ebla 1980-2010. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2013.

Mouton, A., Rutherford, I. & Yakubovich, I. (eds)
Luwian Identities: Culture, Language and Religion Between Anatolia and the Aegean, Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 64, Brill, Leiden, 2013.

Mühl, S.
Siedlungsgeschichte im mittleren Osttigrisgebiet: Vom Neolithikum bis in die neuassyrische Zeit, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2013.

Münnich, M.M.
The God Resheph in the Ancient Near East. Orientalische Religionen in der Antike 11. Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen, 2013.

Orthmann, W., al-Maqdissi, M. and Matthiae P.
Archéologie et Histoire de la Syrie Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2013.

Oshima, T.
The Babylonian Theodicy. State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts 9. the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, Helsinki.

Perrot, J. (ed)
The Palace of Darius at Susa: The Great Royal Residence of Achaemenid Persia, I. B. Tauris, London, 2013.

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Ancient Iran & Its Neighbours. Local developments and long-range interactions in the fourth millennium BC The British Institute of Persian Studies. Archaeological Monographs Series III. Oxbow Books, Oxford & Oakville, 2013.

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The Standard Babylonian Myth of Nergal and Ereškigal. State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts 8. The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, Helsinki.

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The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Iran, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2013.

RLA 13, 7./8. Lieferung
Telipinu. B – Tiergarten

Salzman, M.R. & Sweeney, M.A. (eds)
The Cambridge History of Religions in the Ancient World, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013.

Scurlock, J. & Beal, R.H. (eds)
Creation and Chaos. A Reconsideration of Hermann Gunkel’s Chaoskampf Hypothesis. Winona Lake, Eisenbrauns, 2013.

Seri, A.
The House of Prisoners: Slavery and State in Uruk during the Revolt Against Samsu-Iluna De Gruyter, Berlin and Boston, 2013.

Siddal, L.R.
The Reign of Adad-nīrārī III: An Historical and Ideological Analysis of An Assyrian King and His Times, Brill, Leiden, 2013.

Spalinger, A. & Armstrong, J. (eds)
Rituals of Triumph in the Mediterranean World, Brill, Leiden, 2013.

White Muscarella, O.
Archaeology, Artifacts and Antiquities of the Ancient Near East, Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 62, Brill, Leiden, 2013.

Wyatt, N.
Word of Tree and Whisper of Stone, and other papers on Ugaritian thought, Gorgias Press, Piscataway, New Jersey, 2013.


Bar, S.
The Dawn of the Bronze Age: The Pattern of Settlement in the Lower Jordan Valley and the Desert Fringes of Samaria during the Chalcolithic Period and Early Bronze Age I Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 72. Brill, Leiden & Boston, 2014.

Böck, B.
The Healing Goddess Gula. Towards an Understanding of Ancient Babylonian Medicine. Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 67. Brill, Leiden & Boston, 2014.

May, N.N. & Steinert, U. (eds)
The Fabric of Cities. Aspects of Urbanism, Urban Topography and Society in Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 68. Brill, Leiden & Boston, 2014.

Sassmannshausen, L. & Neumann, G. (eds)
He Has Opened Nisaba’s House of Learning: Studies in Honor of Åke Waldemar Sjöberg on the Occasion of His 89th Birthday on August 1st 2013 Cuneiform Monographs, Brill, Leiden & Boston, 2014.


Source: University of Oxford. (2013). Recent publications in Assyriology. Available: Last accessed January 27 2013.