Thank You For Your Help!

The IAA would like to thank all of you who helped us produce Mār Šiprim:

Dr. C. Waerzeggers; Dr. J. Eidem; Dr. G. Neumann; Dr. L. Kogan; K. Somova; Dr. C. Reichel; Dr. N. Veldhuis; J. Crisostomo; Prof. J. Marzahn; Prof. O. Rouault; Prof. M. Masetti-Rouault; Prof. I. Cornelius; J. Westhead; L. van de Peut; Dr. M. Sandowicz; Dr. T. Scheucher; Dr. G. Spada; Dr. E. van Dongen; Dr. C. Pappi; M. Richardson

Without your help and participation, we would not have been able to launch four issues since January 2013. We hope even more of you will send us your input and ideas for articles, so that we can make 2014 another successful Mār Šiprim year.