2014 Winners of Prizes and Grants

Since last year, the IAA and De Gruyter Publications have started two competitions to award promising young researchers: the IAA Prize and the De Gruyter Dissertation Award. Besides these two awards, there is also the Maureen Kovacs Fund, from which every year a financial donation towards a young researcher’s project is provided. The 2014 prize winners and the Maureen Kovacs Fund recipient have been announced during the General Meeting at the Rencontre in Warsaw. Continue reading 2014 Winners of Prizes and Grants

IAA Contests and Awards 2014

At the 2013 Rencontre the names of the first winners of the IAA Prize and of the De Gruyter Dissertation Award were announced (see the Minutes of the meeting). Both competitions have turned out to be very successful, with many young scholars submitting their work for consideration. Continue reading IAA Contests and Awards 2014

De Gruyter Award Winner

“What fascinated me the most was that I tried to answer cultural historical questions by means of manuscripts that hardly contained any historical information. And that it worked eventually, at least partially.”

There must be a lot of talented Assyriologists at the moment, because it has been raining prizes during the last General Meeting! De Gruyter publishers has awarded, together with the IAA, the Assyriologist who has written the best dissertation for their PhD. This year, Tobias Scheucher (34) from Berlin was the one who won this prize. Continue reading De Gruyter Award Winner

De Gruyter Award: Honorable Mention

During the last Rencontre’s general meeting, the winner of the De Gruyter Award has been announced. Although Tobias Scheucher’s dissertation was worth the first prize, Eva van Dassow mentioned in her speech that the evaluation committee was pleasantly surprised by the very high standard of dissertations that where handed in. There were others who had also written some excellent dissertations and we of course do not want to deprive anyone who was not present in Ghent from knowing about them, or these talents from being honoured. We therefore hereby give you the kind words Eva von Dassow spoke about the award and the dissertations handed in by Ilgi Gercek and Nicolas Vanderroost: Continue reading De Gruyter Award: Honorable Mention

IAA Initiatives

The IAA is committed to help young Assyriologists all over the world to strengthen their potential in their chosen profession. For instance, there are currently two awards that you are eligible to win! With these awards come nice prizes in the form of grants and publications, so do not hesitate to send in your work! The prizes will be awarded during a special ceremony at the RAI 2013 in Ghent. Continue reading IAA Initiatives