History begins in Mesopotamia

The Louvre museum’s latest exhibition is entitled ‘History begins in Mesopotamia’, and it presents a new panoramic of 3000 years of Mesopotamian history. Dr. Ariane Thomas, curator in charge of Mesopotamian collections at the Near Eastern Antiquities department of the Louvre museum, shares the thoughts that went into making the exhibit.

“The exhibition has enabled a different presentation of the Louvre’s collections, with a deliberately evocative and contextualising scenography supported in particular by models and a wide range of audiovisual and multimedia presentations.”

By Ariane Thomas

The exhibition “History begins in Mesopotamia” presents 3000 years of Mesopotamian history, from the appearance of cuneiform writing in the late 4th millennium B.C. until its abandonment in the first years A.D. While avoiding a Mesopo-centric “origin myth”, this exhibition nevertheless reminds us that – according to current knowledge – a number of fundamental innovations appeared for the first time in this territory now designated “Mesopotamian” but characterised by a number of constants over its 3000 years of history.

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