Two statements from the IAA

The International Association of Assyriology has put out the following two statements, regarding the conflict and destruction in the Middle East, and regarding the order restricting entry to the United States.

For the full pdf-versions of the statements, including French, German, Arabic, Italian, and Turkish translations, see the IAA website.

Regarding the continuing conflict and destruction in the Middle East (as of December 2016):

“The growth of humanitarian crises in the Middle East continues to be a tragedy for the residents across the region. The IAA is particularly sensitive to this human tragedy since the ancient societies that we study all had their homes in the region, and our members have a long history of working with colleagues and communities there.

Alongside the danger to human life, these conflicts pose a grave threat to the rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Middle East. Damage to this heritage strikes at the identity and valued traditions of the peoples of the region. There is also a long history of the politicization of the surviving sites, monuments, and remains of the ancient communities of the region.

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Changing the name of the IAA

At the General Meeting of the IAA in 2016, it was proposed by the Board that the Association should change its name to the ‘International Association of Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archeology’, or IAAMA for short. As stated by the Board of the IAA, Near Eastern Archaeology has always formed an integral part of the IAA’s remit, but this is not reflected in its name.

The Board sought to rectify this in 2016, but it quickly became clear that the issue had to be postponed until the next General Meeting, at the RAI in Marburg, in order to allow for proxy voting by those members who were unable to participate in person.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend the General Meeting in 2017, you can post your opinion on the official website, and / or submit a proxy vote!

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A New Administrator

Some of you may have noticed that for a while now, a different person than before has been aswering your IAA related questions. The reason for this is that Karin Beumer, who has been the IAA administrator for the past four years, has resigned because of a busy schedule. As of January 2016, the new IAA administrator is Erwin Dijkstra, a master student from the University of Leiden. He has been working hard to take over all of the administrative tasks of the IAA, and if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact him!

IAA General Meeting

This year’s IAA General Meeting will take place on Thursday, July 14th at 04:30 in the afternoon. Because of important events happening in the Near East and within the IAA itself, it is important that members attend as there will be discussion on important issues and a couple of issues must be voted on. Also, the IAA will be saying goodbye to some of their board members and new board members will be welcomed.

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New Website

As you might have seen, the IAA website has undergone a massive transformation. IAA President Cécile Michel had noticed that media has become more interested in the history of the Near East, as a result of the tragic circumstances there. This had led to a necessity to make the website more accessible for those who are not schooled in Assyriology.Schermafbeelding 2015-09-02 om 15.09.08 Continue reading New Website

Introduction by Cécile Michel, IAA President

Dear colleagues, members of the IAA,

Cécile MichelAs you may know, on July 24 in Warsaw, during the general meeting of the International Association for Assyriology, I was elected as the new president of the Association for the next four years. I am extremely honored for the confidence placed in me. With the help and goodwill of all IAA members, I shall do my best to be worthy of this trust. Continue reading Introduction by Cécile Michel, IAA President