IAA Subsidies for Cuneiform Studies

thumbnail_KleinermanAlexandra Kleinerman is a faculty research associate in the Jonathan and Jeannette Ancient Near Eastern Studies Tablet Collection at Cornell University. She is collaborating with Prof. Alhena Gadotti (Towson University) to publish close to 800 Old Babylonian Sumerian scribal exercise texts currently housed at Cornell. Continue reading IAA Subsidies for Cuneiform Studies

2014 Winners of Prizes and Grants

Since last year, the IAA and De Gruyter Publications have started two competitions to award promising young researchers: the IAA Prize and the De Gruyter Dissertation Award. Besides these two awards, there is also the Maureen Kovacs Fund, from which every year a financial donation towards a young researcher’s project is provided. The 2014 prize winners and the Maureen Kovacs Fund recipient have been announced during the General Meeting at the Rencontre in Warsaw. Continue reading 2014 Winners of Prizes and Grants