In The Field: Late 4th millennium Uruk

Size Matters: A Study of Monumentality and Bigness in Late 4th m. BCE Uruk/Iraq

by: Felix Levenson, Freie Universität Berlin (email)

The following paper will present a short abstract of the work I will be conducting for my PhD at the Freie Universität Berlin in collaboration with the Excellence Cluster Topoi and the DAI (German Archaeological Institute).

My doctoral dissertation will try to re-evaluate the traditionally used term of ‘monumentality’ in West-Asian Archaeology by contrasting it with the concept of ‘bigness’, thereby showing that size does in fact not matter for monumentality. By the term ‘bigness’ in architecture I mean large or extra-large structures without any notion of their social function.

In my thesis I will argue against the general use of the term ‘monumentality’ for big buildings, as is traditionally the case in West-Asian archaeology. Continue reading In The Field: Late 4th millennium Uruk