Payment reminder

As a new year is approaching, the IAA would like to remind its members to pay their annual membership dues. As of this month, members can find on the IAA website whether or not they are behind in payment, and if so, for how many membership years. Members that have not paid their membership for the running membership year, will be marked ‘inactive’. This does not mean that they are no longer considered to be a member, but it should remind them that membership payment is required in order to keep the Association alive.
If a member has not paid for over three years, their membership will be cancelled en their names will be removed from the website. If your name is not on the list, but you feel it should be, please do not hesitate to contact the IAA.


Membership Payment Information Online

In addition to the article on Membership Payment in this issue, the IAA Board has discussed options to make it easier for members to stay up-to-date with their membership payment. The IAA Office has found that many members who receive a payment reminder, are unaware that they are behind, or at least do not know exactly how far they are behind. Therefore, the Board has decided to make some changes to the IAA website. Continue reading Membership Payment Information Online

Membership Payment

During the General Meeting at the Rencontre in Geneva and Bern the issue of membership payment has been discussed. Although membership numbers have raised during the past couple of years, income out of membership payments has unfortunately declined. The reason for this is that members tend to forget to pay their membership dues for one or more years, even though a payment reminder is sent out once or twice a year (depending on how far behind the member is on their payment) and another reminder is published in Mār Šiprim. Continue reading Membership Payment