Membership Payment Information Online

In addition to the article on Membership Payment in this issue, the IAA Board has discussed options to make it easier for members to stay up-to-date with their membership payment. The IAA Office has found that many members who receive a payment reminder, are unaware that they are behind, or at least do not know exactly how far they are behind. Therefore, the Board has decided to make some changes to the IAA website. Continue reading Membership Payment Information Online

New Website

As you might have seen, the IAA website has undergone a massive transformation. IAA President Cécile Michel had noticed that media has become more interested in the history of the Near East, as a result of the tragic circumstances there. This had led to a necessity to make the website more accessible for those who are not schooled in Assyriology.Schermafbeelding 2015-09-02 om 15.09.08 Continue reading New Website

IAA Website and Other Technical Information

As announced at the General Meeting of the last Rencontre, the IAA is working very hard to update their website. Though the old website was fine in the past, it has now become outdated. Also, the URL was difficult to remember and therefore the website was hard to find. We shall try to make the new website as modern and efficient as possible, using the same layout we currently use for the Mār Šiprim site. Continue reading IAA Website and Other Technical Information