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Do not forget: the RAI 2013 is coming up! From July 15-19, you do not want to miss this opportunity to hear about the latest Assyriological findings and to catch up with old and new friends, so register online!

A word to the wise: those attending will be smart to sign up for an IAA-membership before registering for the Rencontre. IAA-membership only costs 20 euros or 10 euros for students, per year. Once you become an IAA-member, you will receive a 30 euro discount on your Rencontre-entrance fee, and students will see their bill deduced by 15 euros! Some easy math will tell you that you are able to earn money on this deal, so go to the IAA-website → IAA membership → how to join and sign up today!

Call for articles!

This is only the second issue of Mār Šiprim and already we have received very positive feedback from our readers! Thank you for your support, we hope you will enjoy this second issue as well. To be able to create our newsletter, we need your help. Mār Šiprim has been made possible only through the help of researchers and students who have been willing to participate. Please let us know if you have any ideas for articles to publish in our next issues and help us keep Mār Šiprim interesting for you to read! You may send your ideas directly to Karin Beumer, or fill out our contact sheet.

Thank you!


The IAA Prize and the de Gruyter Dissertation Award: Application closed

In the previous issue of Mār Šiprim, and on the IAA website, we brought to your attention two of the initiatives of the IAA: The IAA Prize and the De Gruyter Dissertation Award. Through these awards, the IAA and De Gruyter try to stimulate young Assyriologists to apply themselves and to give them the chance to make their work known to others.

We are happy to announce that quite a few of you have taken this opportunity to bring attention to their hard work by entering in the contests. As of March 1st 2013, the entry deadlines have been closed and the jury is getting ready to convene!

About the IAA-Prize:

The IAA Prize is an award for the best first Assyriological article written after the Ph.D. We have received a total of 12 applications for this prize. They were sent in from the United States (5), The Netherlands (2), Germany (1), The United Kingdom (1), Italy (1), Israel (1) and Austria (1).

The winner will receive a 1000 Euros and the runner-up will receive 250 Euros.

About the De Gruyter Dissertation Award:

The De Gruyter Dissertation Award has been set up in conjunction with De Gruyter Inc. It will award the best Assyriological Ph.D. Dissertation. It has interested a total of 9 PhD-Students who originate from The United States (3), Germany (2), Belgium (1), Denmark (1), Finland (1) and Israel (1).

The winner of the De Gruyter award will receive a 1000 Euro money-prize and their dissertation will be published by De Gruyter.

Winners of both prizes will be announced at the 2013 Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Ghent.

May the best entry win!