The IAA proudly presents the second issue of Mār Šiprim!

Since the first issue of Mār Šiprim, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our readers. Thank you very much for your support! For this second issue, we have tried our best to keep up with the first. It has been organized in the same way as before, through some recurring sections: In the Field, In the Spotlight, IAA-Initiatives and Recent Publications. On top of these themes, this issue contains three other articles. As usual, our stories originate from all over the world.


For our In the Field-section, professor Olivier Rouault and professor Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault have written about the French excavations at Qasr Shemamok, ancient Kakzu/Kilizu. Through photos, the history of this excavation will be shown and insights into recent discoveries are given.

The United States, California:

Professor Niek Veldhuis and Ph.D student Jay Chrisostomo are ‘In the Spotlight’ and will give us a candid view into their lives at the University of California, Berkeley.


The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto has the blockbuster-exhibit “Mesopotamia” coming up this summer, for which Clemens Reichel, Assistant Professor of Mesopotamian Archaeology and Associate Curator at the ROM, has been interviewed. An article about everything ROM and what to expect when you visit this museum.


The Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin has been recently rebuilt and re-opend. Professor Joachim Marzahn informs us about practical issues for professionals visiting the museum, and about the museum’s upcoming exhibit “Uruk: 5000 Years Mega-city”. This promising exhibit has been set up for the celebration of 100 years of German excavations at Warka.

The Netherlands:

Student-activities should be supported. In Leiden, six archeology and assyriology students have taken it upon themselves to host DUSANE VII, the seventh Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East. Read about the proceedings and the lectures that were given.


Some very money-saving information has been given about the upcoming Rencontre in Ghent, so don’t forget to read the “IAA-Initiatives” section. An update about the IAA-Prize and the De Gruyter Dissertation Award can also be read here. Recent publications have been placed under .. you guessed it: “Recent Publications”! After the first issue, we received information about publications that were not mentioned by us, but should have been. Please continue to send us your updates.

Again, we hope you will enjoy this new issue. Please continue to send us your feedback and any good ideas for our next Mār Šiprim. Don’t be alarmed if the third issue does not appear on time: it should come out on July 15th, but because of the Rencontre we have pushed it back somewhat so that this event may also be featured!


Mār Šiprim