About Mār Šiprim

Welcome to the home of Mār Šiprim, the official newsletter for the International Association for Assyriology (IAA). Mār Šiprim is sent out three times a year, in September, February, and June.

Through this newsletter, the IAA aims to provide an online platform for Assyriologists and Near-Eastern enthusiasts where to interact with each other on both an intellectual and an informal level, thus establishing an international linkage among colleagues.

If you would like to know more about the visions of the IAA or would like to become a member, please visit the IAA website.

The people behind Mār Šiprim are:

Editor-in-chief: Jon Taylor, curator at the British Museum
Newsletter editor: Sophus Helle


The Mār Šiprim-newsletter was an IAA-Initiative approved by it’s members during the IAA-general meeting of the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale 2012. It was first published in January 2013.

Call for content

Mār Šiprim is meant to be for Assyriologists and by Assyriologists so we need your help! Are you working on a project you think should be mentioned in this Newsletter? Do you live in a country you think deserves to be in the spotlight in the next issue? Or do you have a great idea that might broaden the general horizon of Mār Šiprim? Please don’t hesitate to send us your input!

Content: Mār Šiprim’s content is collected and approved by the newsletter-editors. Though we try our best to make as few mistakes as possible, we cannot guarantee that blunders are not made, and always welcome receiving corrections from you.

User comments: The editorial team, though monitoring and alert, can not be held responsible for user-comments. Indecent language or content will be permanently deleted and the responsible user will be banned.

Sources: Mār Šiprim tries to contact and mention every source referenced to in it’s content. If by any chance you are cited without adequate clearing, please contact us.