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Issue 2016-2 has been published!

This month, the Spotlight falls on the University of Chicago’s Susanne Paulus and Andrew Wilent, while Franco D’Agostino and Licia Romano bring us the news from the field at Abu Tbeirah.

However, we will also introduce some new features to the newsletter. In this issue we bring you two new recurring themes.

The first is called ‘In Popular Culture’, and will cover the various ways in which Ancient Near Eastern scholarship has communicated its findings to a wider audience. We begin with the experiences of Mathieu Ossendrijver, whose article in Science in January brought him a lot of curious journalists.

The second is called ‘Congratulations!’, a kudos focusing on the personal effort behind a scholarly achievement. The first congratulation goes to Jafaar Jotheri, who recently defended his dissertation at Durham University and is heading back to Iraq. Congratulations go also to Giacomo Benati and Andrew Knapp, the winners of this years IAA Prize.

Besides these new themes, this month’s issue brings you a summary of the Rencontre and General Meeting in Philadelphia, as well as a list of recent publications in Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archeology.

Call for content

Mār Šiprim is meant to be for Assyriologists and by Assyriologists so we need your help! Are you working on a project you think should be mentioned in this Newsletter? Do you live in a country you think deserves to be in the spotlight in the next issue? Or do you have a great idea that might broaden the general horizon of Mār Šiprim? Please don’t hesitate to send us your input!