Mār Šiprim – The Rencontre Issue

Welcome to already the third issue of Mār Šiprim! You may have noticed that we have had somewhat of a delay: issue number three was supposed to come out July 15th, and the calendar reads August. But there is a good excuse: we wanted to be able to add all of the information about RAI 2013. So, after a short waiting period, we give you Mār Šiprim – The Rencontre Issue! Continue reading Mār Šiprim – The Rencontre Issue

In The Spotlight: South Africa

One can always do better, or as in the old Egyptian saying of Ptahhotep: “The limits of art are not reached, 
no artist’s skills are perfect”.

Professor Izak Cornelius,  Researcher/Teacher, University of Stellenbosch

Can you tell the readers something about yourself?

I was born near Cape Town, but completed my schooling in Pretoria. After that I studied Theology and Semitic Languages/Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Stellenbosch and the University of Tübingen in Germany. My dissertation was on foreign trade in the Mari texts under the guidance of Charles Fensham, who was a student of Albright and Hannes Olivier, a student of Fensham but also the Assyriologist Donald Wiseman. Continue reading In The Spotlight: South Africa

In The Field: A PhD Abroad

This issue, we have taken a somewhat different approach to the “In The Field” section than you have been getting used to. As we were reminded, not just the interaction with other fields such as Archaeology falls under the “In The Field”-category. Travelling to universities and interacting within projects are all part of the hands-on approach that is a part of Assyriology. Therefore, we have asked one PhD student to give some information on what it is like to be working abroad, within a large project. Continue reading In The Field: A PhD Abroad

RAI 2013

From July 15th to July 19th, the 59th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale was held in the beautiful city of Ghent, in Belgium. The theme of this RAI was ‘Law and (Dis)order in the Ancient Near East’, but on Sunday no one could tell, for the registration went as smooth as possible. With the sun shining on Assyriologists gathering from all over the world, it promised to be a fantastic week! Continue reading RAI 2013

RAI 2014: Warsaw

Perhaps a bit early, just one month since we have all enjoyed the previous Rencontre, but the next RAI is already occupying our minds! RAI 60 will take place in the beautiful country of Poland and the city of Warsaw will be its stage. It will be held from July 21st to July 25th, 2014 and we are looking forward to seeing you all there! Continue reading RAI 2014: Warsaw

De Gruyter Award Winner

“What fascinated me the most was that I tried to answer cultural historical questions by means of manuscripts that hardly contained any historical information. And that it worked eventually, at least partially.”

There must be a lot of talented Assyriologists at the moment, because it has been raining prizes during the last General Meeting! De Gruyter publishers has awarded, together with the IAA, the Assyriologist who has written the best dissertation for their PhD. This year, Tobias Scheucher (34) from Berlin was the one who won this prize. Continue reading De Gruyter Award Winner

De Gruyter Award: Honorable Mention

During the last Rencontre’s general meeting, the winner of the De Gruyter Award has been announced. Although Tobias Scheucher’s dissertation was worth the first prize, Eva van Dassow mentioned in her speech that the evaluation committee was pleasantly surprised by the very high standard of dissertations that where handed in. There were others who had also written some excellent dissertations and we of course do not want to deprive anyone who was not present in Ghent from knowing about them, or these talents from being honoured. We therefore hereby give you the kind words Eva von Dassow spoke about the award and the dissertations handed in by Ilgi Gercek and Nicolas Vanderroost: Continue reading De Gruyter Award: Honorable Mention

IAA Prize Winners

I was rather proud of my article, so I thought: why not see what others think of it!

At the General Meeting during the Rencontre in Ghent this year, not one but two prizes were awarded. Next to the De Gruyter Award, the IAA was proud to present it’s very own IAA Prize, which is given to two up-and-coming Assyriologists that had written the best article after the PhD. First-prize winner was Gabriella Spada (Italy) and Erik van Dongen (Finland) was the runner-up. Twelve papers had been submitted. Continue reading IAA Prize Winners

Maureen Kovacs Fund

This year, the IAA has been given a generous donation by Dr. Maureen Kovacs. The IAA is very grateful for this kind gift and wishes to thank Dr. Kovacs for her contribution.

Dr. Kovacs has expressed her wish that the donation be used for research purposes. At the General Meeting during the Rencontre in Ghent, the board suggested to set up a grant for (starting) Assyriologists in need of funding for their research. This proposal has been accepted by the IAA members present at the General Meeting. Continue reading Maureen Kovacs Fund