In The Field: The Satu Qala Project

By: Cinzia Pappi

Since 2010, a combined team from the University of Leiden, the University of Leipzig, and the Salahaddin University of Erbil has been conducting excavations at Satu Qala, the ancient city of Idu (van Soldt 2008). The fieldwork continued in 2013 in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania with a study season to examine all the excavated materials now stored in the archaeological museums of Erbil and Koya. The work was, of course, made possible through the generous support of the General Directorate of Antiquities of the Kurdish Regional Government, the Directorate of Antiquities of Erbil and of Koya, and the Erbil Civilization Museum. The project was supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Continue reading In The Field: The Satu Qala Project